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RULE 9001-1


The definitions of words and phrases in §§ 101, 902, 1101, and 1502 of the Bankruptcy Code, and the rules of construction in § 102, shall also apply in these rules. The following words and phrases used in these rules have the meaning indicated:

  1. “CM/ECF” means the court’s online case management and electronic filing system.
  2. “Electronic Filing User” means an attorney or other entity given a Court-issued login and password, who is thereby given authority to file papers through CM/ECF. As set forth in Local Rule 1001-2(h), Electronic Filing Users are deemed to have consented to electronic service via CM/ECF.
  3. “Electronic Transmission” or “Email” means delivery through electronic communication of papers to be filed with the Court or to be served on creditors or other parties in interest.
  4. “File” or “Filed” means the legal receipt of documents by the Court; by paper, acknowledged by date stamp affixed to the paper by the Clerk or Judge; or by electronic transmission, acknowledged by the date verified by CM/ECF.
  5. “Electronic Means” or “Electronic Methods” means a non-paper system of delivering documents to and from the Court and to and from attorneys and other parties, the original form of which may also be electronic. Such systems include the use of facsimile machines, Internet email systems, and CM/ECF.
  6. “Notice of Electronic Filing” means an electronic document produced by CM/ECF that certifies each filing with the Court.


Advisory Committee Notes


No changes were made to this Local Rule in the 2023 revision cycle.

2020 Amendment

This new rule is intended as a parallel to Bankruptcy Rule 9001 to clarify that these rules employ the same conventions and definitions generally applicable in the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Additional subdivisions are added to define terms applicable to electronic filing.