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General Hearing Information

Hearing Days 

Typical hearing days for each division are shown below. Circumstances may necessitate that hearings be scheduled on different days.   All dates are subject to change: 

Gainesville Division: First Thursday of the month
Panama City Division: Tuesdays (dates will vary).  
Pensacola Division: Dates are subject to courtroom availability.    
Tallahassee Division: Fourth Thursday of the month.

In all Divisions, and with all Judges, hearings may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis, and may be held live or via telephone, Court Call or Video Conference.  


Hearings on Motions for Relief from Stay 

Preliminary hearings on Motions for Relief From Stay are held by CourtCall on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m., EST.  Final hearings on Motions for Relief From Stay will be scheduled by the Court on an individual basis. 


Wireless Access in the Courtroom

Wireless access provided through the Bench and Bar Fund is available in all divisions of the Northern District of Florida, the Trustee’s 341 Meeting space in Tallahassee, and the jury assembly room in Gainesville.  Attorneys and trustees may access CM/ECF during court hearings and 341 Meetings using the wireless service. General information on laptop use is located in Amended Standing Order 10.  Access information can be obtained from the courtroom deputy. 


CourtCall/Telephonic Appearance

Judge Specie allows participation in certain types of hearings to be held by telephonic appearance using CourtCall; an independent conference call company. Presentation of evidence or examination of witnesses is not permitted via CourtCall. Debtors are not permitted to appear via CourtCall for hearings on reaffirmation agreements.