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ECF Training

If you are new to electronic case filing in CM/ECF, we suggest that case openings be performed during normal business hours so that we may provide assistance, if needed.

For questions regarding electronic filing in this court, please contact our Help Desk at or by phone at (850) 521-5001 or toll free at (866)765-1752. 


CM/ECF NextGen TRAIN Database

To view our NextGen training environment, you will need to register with the "training" version of PACER at  Once you have a training PACER account, you will need to submit an "E-File Registration" request for "Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court (train)", found under the "Maintenance" tab in "Manage My Account" ( After your request has been approved, use your training PACER credentials to log into the CM/ECF NextGen TRAIN database.


Recommended Reading

Other Resources

Online training resources for CM/ECF NextGen are available on the PACER website at