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ECF Training

ECF training is required for anyone requesting a login and password to our Live database who is:

  • A new user (i.e., does not file electronically in another bankruptcy court); or
  • An ECF user in another bankruptcy court who is unable to provide a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) from that court which is no more than 90 days old and bears the name of the applicant as the filer of the document for which the NEF was generated.


Request Training

We provide ECF training by two methods: Online or personal training in the Tallahassee Clerk's Office.

Online training consists of a set of exercises to be completed in our training database. The exercises vary depending on the type of user and may be done at your own pace. If you will be applying for a login and password to the Live ECF system after completing the exercises, your exercises will be reviewed for accuracy prior to processing that application.

Personal training is provided at the Tallahassee location of the Clerk's Office only if needed after users have completed online training.

Attorney for Debtor
Attorney for Creditor

Click here to complete a Training Request form if you would like to receive a training login and password.

Recommended Reading

Interactive Training

Interactive training via electronic learning modules (ELMs) is provided by PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records); an electronic public access service of the federal Judiciary.  This service is free.  PACER ELMs are generic training modules to help you become more familiar with CM/ECF. This training environment may not be identical to the environment used in the Northern District of Florida.

 GENERAL Training includes the following topics:
  • An Introduction to CM/ECF
  • Logging in to CM/ECF
  • Setting Up E-Mail Notification
  • Running CM/ECF Queries
  • Filing Proofs of Claim
ADVANCED Training includes the following topics:
  • Adversary Case Opening
  • Bankruptcy Case Opening
  • Filing an Answer to a Complaint
  • Filing a Motion
  • Filing an Objection to a Motion
  • Uploading a Creditor Matrix

You may access these CBTs through the PACER website at