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ZOOM Video and Telephonic Hearings

The General Process. When a hearing is scheduled to be held via ZOOM, participants are required to request the ZOOM meeting information at least seven days prior to the hearing. Clicking the link below initiates the process and displays a form to be completed by the requesting participant.  This form will automatically be emailed to the court. The courtroom deputy will send an email to approved participants using the email address requested in the form. The email will contain ZOOM connection information including the Meeting ID and participation requirements.  (See Requirements below). 

Connecting to the Meeting. Approved participants MUST be joined to the meeting 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled hearing on the docket. Participants may join up to an hour prior. When participants joins the meeting they will be placed in a “Waiting Room” until they are “accepted” into the meeting. Participants using their personal ZOOM accounts will be identified with their ZOOM account name. Participants without a personal ZOOM account will be identified initially as “Guest”. When the ZOOM Host moves the participants to the meeting room they will be asked to identify themselves and the Host may rename the participant for identification purposes. They will also be asked to verify audio and video functionality.  Witnesses will be placed back into the Waiting Room until they are called. All others will remain in the meeting. 


Testing ZOOM Audio/Video with the Court

The ZOOM meeting will be started approximately 1 hour before the scheduled start time for the hearings to allow approved participants to test their connection prior to the hearing.  Additionally, the court will host a Test Meeting on each Monday where a ZOOM meeting is scheduled in that week. This meeting will be available from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Anyone wishing to test ZOOM for the first time or to test options and features may connect to this meeting. Please note that the court IT staff can only provide limited support if problems are encountered. 


Meeting ID: 160 064 0323  (for testing purposes only).  
For Telephone Only  
        Dial: (646) 828 7666  
      Enter Meeting ID (above) followed by # 


Requirements for Participation via ZOOM Video

  1. Notify your witnesses of all ZOOM attendance information and instructions.
  2. Connect to hearing at least 30 minutes prior to your hearing time.  The Court’s ZOOM hearing requires participants be identified and accepted into the meeting.  Unidentified callers will not be admitted after the Judge takes the bench.
  3. You must mute your line when not speaking.
  4. If attending by video, you must dress in appropriate attire.
  5. You must participate from a quiet location.


ZOOM Participant Request Form




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