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Local Rules Committee


Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §2077, courts must appoint an advisory committee for the study of the rules of practice and internal operating procedures. Advisory committees shall make recommendations to the court concerning rules and procedures. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation. The Local Rules Committee, and any special ad hoc committee that the Court may create from time to time, satisfies the court’s requirement under this rule.


The Local Rules Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Chief Judge Karen K. Specie
  • Byron “Trey” Wright, III, Esq., Chairperson
  • Mary Beth Colόn, Esq., Secretary
  • Trevor Thompson, Esq.
  • India Footman, Esq.
  • Karin Garvin, Esq.
  • Roland Kiehn, Esq.
  • Michael Niles, Esq.
  • Logan Sliva, Esq.
  • Sharon Sperling, Esq.
  • Traci E. Abrams, Clerk of Court
  • Tammi Boswell, Director of Court Operations



Questions about the committee process or revision proposals may be directed to

Public Input

Visit the Summary of Changes for Public Comment page for information about current or upcoming public comment periods when members of the public have an opportunity to review proposed draft Local Rules and provide input.

Members of the public may submit new or amended Local Rule proposals to the committee anytime by sending an email to All submissions must contain the following information before a comment will be scheduled for committee review:

  • Requestor’s name
  • Requestor’s email address
  • Requestor’s contact number
  • Citation of the subject Local Rule (or a proposed citation for a new rule)
  • Executive summary of the proposed amendment
  • Redline text showing proposed amendments to an existing rule or proposed text for a new rule
  • Supporting references and detailed comments in support of the proposed amendment

Requestors will be contacted by a member of the Local Rules Committee subsequent to the committee’s initial review of submissions.