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RULE 3022-1


  1. Non-Individual Debtors. Upon substantial consummation of the plan for cases other than those for an individual, the plan proponent shall file a motion for final decree which shall certify compliance with 11 U.S.C. § 1101.
  2. Individual Debtors.
    1. Completed Plan Payments. After the last plan payment has been made in an individual case, the debtor shall file:
      1. A certification that the final payment has been made, applicable form available online; and
      2.  A motion for final decree which shall certify compliance with 11 U.S.C. § 1101.
    2. Administrative Closing. After the entry of an order of confirmation and the disposition of all adversary proceedings, contested matters, and objections to claims, individual debtors may file a motion to administratively close the Chapter 11 case. The debtor, any creditor, or any other party in interest may file a motion to reopen an administratively closed case at any time without the necessity of paying a filing fee.
    3. Motion to Reopen for Purpose of Obtaining Discharge and Final Decree. The debtor may move to reopen the case for the purpose of obtaining a discharge and entry of a final decree after the completion of all payments under the plan, or for the purpose of seeking a hardship discharge. The motion to reopen shall include the total amount of payments made to each creditor under the plan, shall be verified by the debtor, and shall be served upon each creditor.


Advisory Committee Notes

2023 Amendment

The amended rule includes stylistic changes to refer to applicable forms and the Local Rules Links page that provides links to various Official Forms and Local Forms.  At the time of this amendment, the applicable form was Local Form 11-37 (Statement/Certification Regarding Requirements for Discharge in an Individual Chapter 11 Case).

2020 Amendment

This new rule reflects a transfer of certain portions of Local Rule 2081-1 into a separate local rule to better connect the content of final decrees to the applicable bankruptcy rule addressing the same matters, Bankruptcy Rule 3022. Provisions related to administrative closing and reopening are added to reflect local practice.