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RULE 1009-1


  1. Format for Amendments to Voluntary Petitions, Lists, Schedules and Statements. The debtor may amend a Voluntary Petition, Lists, Schedules, and Statement of Financial Affairs by filing the original amended document with the Clerk. Amendments must contain a caption which includes the case number, case name and the title of the document. The amendment must be executed and acknowledged by the debtor and attorney of record, if any, in the same manner that the item being amended was originally executed. Amended schedules should be filed as complete versions of the schedules as opposed to merely identifying changes. Any changes, additions, or deletions must be clearly indicated, whether by separate notice or otherwise. Personally identifying information is to be redacted in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 9037.
  2. Service of Amendments. The debtor shall serve a copy of the amendment to any person or entity affected thereby, the case trustee, and to the United States trustee’s office, and shall file a proof of service in accordance with the provisions of these rules. 
  3. Service of Documents to Added Creditors. If the debtor files an amendment to add previously unscheduled creditors, the debtor shall serve the newly added creditors with a copy of the most recent Notice of Bankruptcy Case (“341 Notice”) issued by the Clerk, the Notice of Deadline to File Proof of Claim, if any, and in Chapter 11, 12, and 13 cases, a copy of the most recently filed plan and the Order Confirming Plan, if one has been entered. The Debtor shall file a proof of service with appropriate redactions of personally identifying information in accordance with the provisions of Bankruptcy Rule 9037.
  4. Amendments to Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Numbers. An amended social security number statement, applicable form available online, should be filed to correct a previously filed social security or individual taxpayer identification number. The amended social security number statement must be served in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 1009(c), and a certificate of service must be filed separately.


Advisory Committee Notes
2023 Amendment

The amended rule includes both substantive and stylistic changes.  The rule has been amended to improve the readability of various sections and to provide more detailed guidance regarding service requirements when adding new creditors to the case. Other stylistic changes refer to applicable forms and the Local Rules Links page that provides links to various Official Forms and Local Forms.  At the time of this amendment, the applicable form was  Official Form 121 (Statement About Your Social Security Numbers).

2020 Amendment

The amended rule only includes stylistic, non-substantive changes. The format of subdivisions is changed to maintain a consistent style across all rules. Subdivisions (D) and (E) are amended to maintain a consistent style for references to the court’s website. The notes following the rule are amended to improve readability.