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Impacts of Hurricane Sally - Court Status

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hurricane Sally made landfall in the Pensacola, Florida area as a Category 2 hurricane. Pensacola is currently experiencing the third highest recorded hurricane storm surge. Clerk’s Office staff stationed in Pensacola were on telework status when the storm made landfall. All employees are now without power. All case work will be managed by Tallahassee Operations staff. Please be patient as we prioritize our case management duties and take your calls. As a result of Hurricane Sally, Judge Specie has directed all unresolved matters in the Pensacola Division scheduled for 9/15/2020 to be rescheduled to 10/5/2020 @ 1:30 PM Eastern Time.  All unresolved matters for the Panama City division on 9/17/2020 are rescheduled by separate notice to 10/5/2020 at 1:30pm Eastern Time. Unresolved matters and reaffirmation agreements for the Tallahassee Division will be rescheduled by separate notice to 10/5/2020.