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12/1/22 Revision to Official Form 101, Voluntary Petition, Regarding "Other Names" Used by Debtors

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Form 101, the Voluntary Petition, is revised effective December 1, 2022, to change the language on questions 2 and 4, regarding other names the debtor has used in the past eight years.

The section for All other names you have used in the last 8 years (Question 2) is modified to specify that all other names used by the debtor should include any assumed, trade names, or doing business as names and exclude the names of separate legal entities (e.g., corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) in which the debtor holds interest but which are not filing the voluntary petition. 

Pursuant to the Committee Notes on this form change, this revision to Question 2 on the Voluntary Petition is to make it clear that the only names to be listed on the Voluntary Petition are names that were used by the debtor personally in conducting business, not names used by other legal entities.

Visit Pending and Recent Changes in the Bankruptcy Forms for more information and full Committee Notes. See also N.D. Fla. LBR 1005-1