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General Information, Requests and Case Information


Chief Bankruptcy Judge Karen K. Specie - Chambers (Florida Northern)

- Samantha Kelley, Law Clerk (850) 521-5031
- Nora McGuffey, Law Clerk Unlisted
- Janet Weems, Courtroom Deputy (850) 521-5009

Please contact Janet Weems for hearing related questions or issues.

No Ex Parte Communications

Judge Specie shall not engage in ex parte communication of any kind. Bankruptcy Rule 9003 states: "any party in interest, and any attorney, accountant, or employee of a party in interest shall refrain from ex parte meetings and communications with the court concerning matters affecting a particular case or proceeding." Failure to comply with this rule may result in sanctions.

Do not write letters to, e-mail, or call Judge Specie or her Law Clerks on any pending case or proceeding. Except in extremely unusual circumstances, each letter or e-mail addressed to Judge Specie or her Law Clerks, or sent to the court and identifying a particular case or proceeding, will be placed on the relevant docket and made part of the public record. Any such letter or e-mail may be set for hearing.


Chief Bankruptcy Judge Henry Callaway - Chambers (Alabama Southern)

- Main Office Number (251) 441-5391
- Carol Oates, Judicial Assistant x4128
- Jennifer Morgan, Law Clerk x4131


Bankruptcy Judge Jerry C. Oldshue, Jr. - Chambers (Alabama Southern)

- Main Office Number (251) 441-5391
- Lisa Murrill, Judicial Assistant x4130
- Anna Mangham, Law Clerk x4127


FLNB Helpdesk

888-765-1752 or 850-521-5001


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