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Clerk's Office staff is prohibited from providing information which may be characterized as legal advice or assisting with preparation of bankruptcy forms.

Do You Need to Contact Us?
Case Administration Assignments
Divisional Locations
Federal Court Finder
CourtCall Contact Number
After Hours Emergency and Court Closure Filings


Do You Need to Contact Us?

Clerk's Office Main Line
Toll Free: (866) 639-4615 or
(850) 521-5001
Call for general information, requests such as search or copy requests, and for information concerning specific cases.

   CLICK HERE to access a listing of the District's Chambers and other useful information

Case Administrator Assignments

Cases in the Northern District of Florida are randomly assigned to Case Administrators throughout the district shortly after filing. The name of the Case Administrator to whom a case is assigned is located at the top of the docket report in CM/ECF. For information on contacting a Case Administrator, please call toll free (866) 639-4615 or (850) 521-5001.


Divisional Locations


McVCIS (Multi-court Voice Case Information System)

(866) 222-8029
Select 1 for English, 2 for Spanish
Select Court Code (11 for FLNB)


CourtCall Contact Number

(866) 582-6878 or
(888) 882-6878

CourtCall Instructions


After Hours Emergency and Court Closure Filings

The after hours emergency and court closure filing procedure below is detailed and provides examples of how this procedure will or will not help you depending on your situation. Please be sure to read the entire passage carefully.

This procedure:
  • Shall only be used for the sole purpose of preserving a file date after the Clerk’s Office has closed at 4:00 pm local time. A file date can only be preserved through this process if you are able to fax documents as instructed below after the Clerk’s Office has closed and then deliver your originals (including required fees) to the Clerk’s Office in Pensacola or Tallahassee on the following business day;
  • May be used to preserve a file date any time on days when the Clerk’s Office is closed all day in observance of federal holidays or when the CM/ECF server is unavailable;
  • Is not to be used as a general convenience to any party; and
  • Is not to be used by attorneys as a substitute for filing through CM/ECF.
This procedure will only preserve a file date if the following process is followed:
  1. Send the first page and the signature page of each document you plan to file by facsimile (fax) to 850-521-5004. Faxes will not be accepted if they are received during business hours and will be discarded without further notice to the sender.
  2. After you have sent your fax, deliver the original documents, together with any required fee, to the Clerk’s Office during business hours and before 12:00 pm local time on the very next business day.
  3. Notify the Intake Clerk that a copy of the document was transmitted by fax the previous day. It is incumbent upon the party filing the document to notify the Clerk’s Office that a copy of the document was transmitted by fax the previous day. It is not the responsibility of Clerk’s Office staff to make this association.
Documents filed in accordance with the above procedure will be deemed filed on the date and at the time printed on the document by the facsimile machine in the Clerk’s Office.

If your original documents are not received by 12:00 pm local time of the next business day, the faxed materials will be discarded. Original documents received after 12:00 pm of the next business day will be filed as of the date and time they were physically received by Clerk’s Office staff.

What this service will not do for you:
  • This service does not go into effect until 4:01 pm local time. The exceptions include a federal holiday or other days when the Clerk’s Office is closed during regular business hours, or when the CM/ECF server is undergoing maintenance (see above). Faxes received during business hours will be discarded without further notification to the sender;
  • This service does not allow pro se litigants to file documents outside of normal business hours;
  • This service does not allow pro se litigants to receive a case number outside of normal business hours;
  • This service does not allow litigants to ask legal questions of Clerk’s Office staff or receive legal advice by fax; and
  • Most importantly, this service does not provide an opportunity to receive a case number in order to halt a foreclosure sale scheduled during the next business morning. A case number can only be provided when an original, signed petition (and fee if applicable) is provided to the Bankruptcy Intake Clerk in Tallahassee or Pensacola for filing.
For assistance during operational hours, please call 866-639-4615 or 850-521-5001. Clerk’s Office employees are barred from providing legal advice or from providing change for fee payments. Information about filing requirements, filing fees and available forms may be reviewed on this Website.

Bankruptcy filings are not accepted by the Gainesville or Panama City District Court Clerk's Offices.

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