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Attorney Fees in Chapter 13 Cases in Accordance with Standing Order No. 19

The amounts listed below are deemed "normal and customary," as determined by the Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge and the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Northern District of Florida, as of the effective date shown. Attorney's fees may be paid, either by pre-petition retainer, through the plan, or through a combination of the two, without application to the court as noted below.

Preparation and Filing of a "Routine" Chapter 13 Case

Please refer to Standing Order No. 19 for what constitutes a "routine" Chapter 13 case.
Effective Date: Fee Amount:
August 18, 1999 $1,500.00
September 9, 2003 $2,000.00
November 10, 2005 $2,500.00
July 17, 2008 $3,000.00
October 27, 2009 $3,500.00
May 31, 2013 $3,500.00

Preparation of Annual Statements

Effective Date: Fee Amount:
April 24, 2007 $75.00
October 26, 2009 $250.00
May 31, 2013 $250.00

Modifications to Plan Increasing Plan Base

Effective Date: Fee Amount:
April 24, 2007 $200.00
October 26, 2009 $500.00
May 31, 2013 $500.00

Applications for fees in excess of these amounts shall be filed in accordance with 11 U.S.C. § 330 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 2016-1 B(2). Applications for fees of $1000.00 or less may be considered by the Court without a hearing on 21 days negative notice to the trustee and parties in interest. Additional fees will not be awarded based on excessive time caused by the inefficient use of the attorney’s time.

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