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Mortgage Modification Mediation

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Florida has adopted uniform procedures for its Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) Program. This program applies to all bankruptcy Chapters and all types of real property, commercial and residential. MMM is uniform in most respects with the MMM programs in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. MMM has been streamlined to reduce costs, save time, and make it easier for the parties to facilitate a loan modification.

The Bankruptcy Court will not force any modification and will make no adjudication except with the consent of both parties. Any signed agreement reached at mediation must be approved by the Bankruptcy Court before it is binding and enforceable.

Details about this program may be found in the document Uniform Mortgage Modification Mediation Procedures in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Florida, which addresses filing deadlines, debtor records and financial requirements, formatting requirements, and fees.

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